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The struggle to become who we already are: A self portrait.


Taken as a whole, the exhibit is a portrait of one human experience expressed though the creation of art, the specific life experience of me, artist Evan Hildebrandt.  Family, friends, spirituality, social issues, science, life and death are expressed through various mediums and imagery to give myself a better understanding of who I am and what life is about. 

This work is a practice in education, teaching myself about subjects through the creation of art.  I did not set out to make a work for the enjoyment of the viewer--although I hope that the viewer does enjoys the work and gains from it—it isn’t necessarily made for the viewer.  The work is made for me to come to a greater understanding of whatever subject I choose through the creative mode of learning.  I do not intend to be a teacher, but a student. 


The sheer act of creating allows me to meditate on and ponder whatever subject it may be that I hope to gain a better knowledge of.   Through this act of creation, I am better able to understand the subject on a level that cannot be achieved through written knowledge, meditation or observation alone.  The physical act of creating the work brings forth deeper revelations about the subject on which I am working.    Many times even after the works are complete, new revelations come forth and new understandings are achieved.  


With the series, The Struggle to become who we already are: A Self Portrait, I intended to look deeply into the age old question of who am I and have produced a series of work that I believe has given me a better understanding of this question. 

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