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The Struggle to Become Who We Already Are.

Point of View: A position from which something is observed or considered; a standpoint.


We humans share a very unique view of the world around us. We can look up into the heavens and see distant lands, or look down through a microscope to view that which we can not see with the naked eye. Humans are kind of the in between. We stand at a point in space unique to most living creatures. We stand at a sort of pivot point. We have developed tools that allow us to see very large and far off lands, and we have the ability to pivot downward and see extraordinarily small objects.


The work in this series is intended to show the magnitude of the universe, and what I believe to be innate truths that it holds about humanity’s place within it. My hope is that by viewing the work, it will help provoke our understanding of the innate truths that the universe holds. We can not help but to feel a spark of awe when we view images of the cosmos and truly contemplate its majesty.


Specific interpretation, however, will be determined by the viewer’s own personal life history. Depending on how a person’s experiences have molded their understanding of life, that will determine how a person views them self within our universe. Whether the experiences are self-inflicted or brought on by an outside force, these experiences can shape an individual’s understanding.


Can you imagine yourself looking down at the Earth from outer space? With your standpoint changed, does your interpretation of our place in the cosmos change also?

Specifically, what is the individual’s place within the cosmos and have our own experiences manipulated the innate truths that the cosmos reveal?

Blaise Pascal wrote: Nature is an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere. I hope that, The Struggle to Become Who We Already Are:

Point of View, will give you a chance to explore where you fit within the infinite!

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