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"My work is a practice in education, teaching myself about subjects through the creation of art. I do not set out to make a work for the enjoyment of the viewer–although I hope that the viewer does enjoy the work—it isn’t necessarily made for the viewer. The work is made for me to come to a greater understanding of whatever subject I choose through the creative mode of learning. I do not intend to be a teacher, but a student.


The physical act of creating allows me to meditate on and ponder whatever subject it may be that I hope to gain a better knowledge of. Through this act of creation, I am able to come to a greater understanding of a subject on a level that cannot be achieved through written knowledge, meditation or observation alone. The physical act of creating the work brings forth deeper revelations about the subjects that I choose to explore. Many times even after the works are complete, new revelations come forth and new understandings are achieved."


Evan has been a full time artists since 2008. He has a studio in downtown Cincinnati where he is prolific in creating his art work. 


He has worked with many clients and interior designers to create site specific work over his career.  Evan is able to visualize with the client to come up with the perfect piece of art for the space.  From abstract to photo-realistic paintings, Evan has a wide array of artistic talents and uses a variety of materials including paint, resin, tar, clay and glass in his work.


He has completed 5 large scale murals for Artworks and has created site specific work for Good Samaritan Hospital, Southshore Condominiums, The Lane library in Hamilton Ohio, Bronzie Design and Build, RM Interiors, Bromwell's Harth Lounge and for many other individual clients.  

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