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What is the Artists Share Program?  A "share" is a grouping of art by two or more artists which patrons can purchase at a set price. Buying a share can also include perks like parties, personal studio tours, etc.


So what exactly does this look like? Artists Evan Hildebrandt and Alison Shepard each contribute 1 original piece of art to the share program. The share package price is $250 for a patron to purchase these two pieces of original art. Included in this share package is an exclusive share holders party, held at

Bromwell's Harth Lounge in downtown Cincinnati, with live music, light bites and an artistic vibe! 


We are also offering a special VIP share which will include a collaborative piece by Alison Shepard and Evan Hildebrandt! With the purchase of this VIP share, not only will you be invited to the shareholder party,  you will also get access to an exclusive pre-party concert by Violinist Tatiana Berman! 


So not only are you investing in two artist by buying their work, you are also getting the experience of a VIP event exclusively for shareholders only! 


The Artist share program is an affordable way to invest in artists, get great art and have a fun experience!


When you invest and buy a "share" not only are you getting great art, you are investing in the life and dreams of an artist. 


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